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I have spent a glorious few weeks working with Sheffield Theatres on their production of 'Julius Caesar'. I was given full access to all aspects of the show in order to document the process from the first read through, all the way through to Press Night.

It was an extra special experience because this is Robert Hastie's first show as Artistic Director of the theatre. I felt so honoured to be asked to track the show for them.

My aim was to open up the process and show what it takes to put together such a big show from the inside out.

Read-through and Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet is a special experience at Sheffield: members of staff from every department flood the rehearsal room to introduce themselves to the acting company. Then the actors read the play aloud for the first time.

Visiting Stuart Mitchell's Knife Workshop

A local knife maker, Stuart Mitchell, made bespoke knives for the production. Visiting his workshop and seeing him in action was so exciting. This is a trade that has been in Stuart's family for generations 

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Rehearsals and Tech

Press Night

Always an intense experience for the actors and production team...

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Backstage With The Cast

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